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I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Her2 positive breast cancer Dec. 27th, 2011. I had three large tumors in my left breast, I also had two positive lymph nodes and so with 5 positive biopsies I started my journey. In the beginning, it was a whirlwind and within a week, I was getting a port and preparing for chemo and the rush to save my life was on. Eight months later (August 20th) after stopping chemo (12 sessions) and not having surgery (a suggested double mastectomy) or radiation like my doctors wanted me to, I sat at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Illinois and heard the results of a mammogram, MRI, Pet Scan and blood tests were that they could find no cancer in my body. The nurses and doctors were baffled and no one could explain how I could have had this terrible cancer and it was now gone, except for me. I said the Lord healed me through prayers, education, diet and supplements. I started this blog when I was first diagnosed, it is not just about on cancer, but my life and day-to-day thoughts and activities. There are suggested websites, blogs, videos and more here that I believe can benefit those dealing with cancer and those who want to be preventative. My hope is that you and yours will learn, be encouraged and healed. My family prays every night for those with cancer and that you will be not only be healed but that you will live long and happy lives.
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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nothing's Gonna Break My Stride - March 11, 2012

I received this video from a family member and I immediately remembered seeing this man at Second Baptist years ago when he came to visit. He is an awesome encouragement to anyone that is facing trial and storms in life. I also have seen a mom that flies airplanes too that had no arms. You always feel like you can do more when you see these inspirational people.

Anyways to give a quick catch up on my life, I'll sum it up quickly in one sentence, so if you don't have time you can move on. My life is full and am doing just fine.

Okay, now for those of you that have time. Busy is also an acronym for Being under Satan’s Yoke and I love that. Sometimes I try to say my life is full instead of saying busy just so that I can be aware of it. Yes, my life is very full, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I always have to be doing something and working on something that I feel is worthwhile and needed, even if that is cleaning or organizing.

Lately, I have been very focused on the new school we are starting here in Katy. It’s a University Model School for 7- 10th grades that is called Covenant Christian Academy. I’ll still be directing a program for the younger grades too, but I can’t do that under the CC umbrella anymore, since we will not have Hannah in their 10th grade program they will not let me direct unless all my kids are in the program, hence one of the reasons I am not affiliating with Classical Conversations after this year.

I am very excited about everything and the blessings that the Lord has and is continuing to provide in this area and so I find my thoughts and time focused on this much more than cancer or anything else that may not be good.

We only have a small window of time (6 months) to get everything going, since we will start in September, and so we are thinking that if we continue with chemo that we will be pushing chemo treatments up. In 4 weeks or so it should be moving to a harsher chemo that takes place over 3 months, but I talked to the oncologist and she said we could make it 2 months and so we are just trying to make the down time I have go by quickly so I can get better and move on. People look at me and think and then say, "Oh you should be resting and taking things slowly," and that, I promise would make things worse. I am not letting cancer break my stride. Physically, I have lost 1 -2 and sometimes more days per week with being in chemo, doctors appointments and such, but during those days when physically I am down, mentally I am fine and completely capable to be working on projects, reading, preparing, having meetings, phone calls, etc. Just like this guy withgout arms and legs didn't quit with his life obstacles, neither will I.

I thank God that he has given me this new task and that He has planned it all out. I think it's so cool that He's decided to put this on my heart at this time and that he even has given me this down time to accomplish this endeavor. What an awesome God we serve.

O.K. so when I was writing, I found the great VH1 video from the 80's that you'll want to watch. Nothings gonna break my stride by Matthew Wilder, complete with dancing girls in shiny dance leotards!
Have a great day and please pray for our new school and our efforts to continue to be blessed by the Lord.


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  1. Thanks for sharing that amazing video. What an inspiration! Love the 80's video. Now that wonderful song is stuck in my head! Have a blessed day Karri


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