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I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Her2 positive breast cancer Dec. 27th, 2011. I had three large tumors in my left breast, I also had two positive lymph nodes and so with 5 positive biopsies I started my journey. In the beginning, it was a whirlwind and within a week, I was getting a port and preparing for chemo and the rush to save my life was on. Eight months later (August 20th) after stopping chemo (12 sessions) and not having surgery (a suggested double mastectomy) or radiation like my doctors wanted me to, I sat at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Illinois and heard the results of a mammogram, MRI, Pet Scan and blood tests were that they could find no cancer in my body. The nurses and doctors were baffled and no one could explain how I could have had this terrible cancer and it was now gone, except for me. I said the Lord healed me through prayers, education, diet and supplements. I started this blog when I was first diagnosed, it is not just about on cancer, but my life and day-to-day thoughts and activities. There are suggested websites, blogs, videos and more here that I believe can benefit those dealing with cancer and those who want to be preventative. My hope is that you and yours will learn, be encouraged and healed. My family prays every night for those with cancer and that you will be not only be healed but that you will live long and happy lives.
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Get Your PH levels Where They Should Be - February 18, 2014

I have really messed up in my not keeping up with my PH levels. I have been cancer free for over two years now and well, I got tired and lazy and rationalize the situation. Bad move! I have tested my PH for the last few days and it's pathetic!  I have decided to work hard to get it back in the green (6.8  and above). I have gone back to making my smoothies which is another thing I have gotten lazy with. My smoothies are great and you find out how I make them here: Creating The Best Smoothies. I'll keep you posted on my levels and let you know how I do over the next few weeks.

So, here are the basics on what I suggest everyone do when it comes to PH Levels. First read a bit about your PH levels and why they are important, here is a quick  look at a few: What you need to know about PH  and  Healing your Body. There are a ton of books out there if you really  want to spend the time but after reading The PH Miracle and forgetting the majority but remembering the importance I don't think you need to go to the level of reading all the books and really researching it out, but that's just my  two cents.

Now you need to test your PH Level! I suggest getting PH Test Strips and peeing on a bit first thing in the morning to get an accurate number. These are what I use and it should last about a month. It is very easy to see by checking the color of your urine and then comparing that to the scale on the side of the packaging. It should always be above a 6.8 but the higher the better.  Now my guess is that the majority of my readers will be below 6.8 and if you are there is hope in getting it where it should be. If you are where you need to be, awesome, keep up the good work!

Now here are a few things to read about what to eat and drink. Alkaline Foods, and  Think About Your Water

Karri's Quick Tips:
  1. Cut back on your coffee intake. It's pure acid on the PH  scale.
  2. Cut the sugar - instead substitute with Stevia, agave, and maple syrup. Stevia actually helps to raise PH levels and so that's your best bet.
  3. Drink water with lemon all the time. Start the day with it to give your body a jump start. Lemon is the most alkaline fruit on the planet and it will help you raise your PH level.
  4. Cut back on the meats. Meat is great, but in America we have a major problem with portion size and when you at huge steak at dinner your body is gonna be very acidic. So cut down on your portion size and balance out your meal with enough salad and veggies.
  5. Eat your veggies!  I was always told that veggies build up your immune system and fruits clean it out, so you want to have a healthy balance of both.
  6. Eat celery with almond butter and bagged fruit as snacks instead of chips and crackers.
  7. Drink Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar ( they also have flavored vinegar at Sprouts and Wholefoods)
  8. Drink Aloe Vera Juice
  9. Make your own salad dressings. I don't have time to get the recipes but I know there are some yummy low fat avocado based ones out there and the over the counter ones really aren't that great. I used balsamic vinegar a lot. 
  10. Cut back on starches too. Your body has to process these and can't work on getting the right PH balance as easily.. 
  11. Take magnesium. Almost all American's are chronically deficient. Eat avocados, almonds, cashews and spinach to help with your magnesium intake. the Top 10 Magnesium Rich Foods are: Spinach, Chard, Pumpkin, Yogurt, Almonds, Black Beans, Avocado, Figs, Dark Chocolate ( 1 square at a time) and banana.  You can also get a lot from salmon, cashews, goat cheese and artichokes.
Okay, that should help you out. Give me a call if you'd like to borrow my books on the subject.

Somebody posted this on FB today and so I came back to add it. It's Scott Hamilton's Testimony and it's pretty cool!

And of course the video of the day, just because I like it: LOVE TODAY!!!!


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