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I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Her2 positive breast cancer Dec. 27th, 2011. I had three large tumors in my left breast, I also had two positive lymph nodes and so with 5 positive biopsies I started my journey. In the beginning, it was a whirlwind and within a week, I was getting a port and preparing for chemo and the rush to save my life was on. Eight months later (August 20th) after stopping chemo (12 sessions) and not having surgery (a suggested double mastectomy) or radiation like my doctors wanted me to, I sat at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Illinois and heard the results of a mammogram, MRI, Pet Scan and blood tests were that they could find no cancer in my body. The nurses and doctors were baffled and no one could explain how I could have had this terrible cancer and it was now gone, except for me. I said the Lord healed me through prayers, education, diet and supplements. I started this blog when I was first diagnosed, it is not just about on cancer, but my life and day-to-day thoughts and activities. There are suggested websites, blogs, videos and more here that I believe can benefit those dealing with cancer and those who want to be preventative. My hope is that you and yours will learn, be encouraged and healed. My family prays every night for those with cancer and that you will be not only be healed but that you will live long and happy lives.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 7, 2012 - 10 Radical Changes In The Fieglein Home Within The Last 5 Weeks

10 Radical changes in the Fieglein home within the last 5 weeks.

1. We are meeting with lots of doctors, reading lots of medical books, and learning way more about cancer than ever before. I have read so much! Usually I read for education and not pleasure (always on educational matters), but now it’s all medical and diet and such.

2. We have switched to natural products – deodorants, lotion, toothpaste and cleaning supplies are now all natural and organic. Vinegar has replaced Lysol. I was a cleaning freak and I am now trying to get all those toxins out of our house and replace with good things that I feel can still disinfect and clean well.

3. We are cutting back on regular milk. I can’t have anything dairy but rice and almond milk.

4. I am on a strict Red Phase Diet where I can’t have acids and so, no fruits or sugars or starches. My breakfast this morning was organic decaf coffee with almond milk and agave with carrot slices and water chestnuts. What a difference from the days when I would have eaten a doughnut and kolache, and had chocolate milk and a very loaded coffee to boot.

5. I am testing my urine every morning with PH strips to test the levels of acid in my body. Crazy I know, but absolutely amazing research and factual studies in this area. I am reading a book right now called the Ph Miracle. (given to me by out carpet cleaner Monty, as a gift – company is WOW carpet cleaning in case you need your carpets done too.)

6. Our family is getting spoiled by good food coming to our side door 3 times a week as I’ve never been that great of a cook.

7. Everyone loves the cards, gifts and many prayers and scriptures for us. We feel amazingly blessed and so grateful for the people that God has put in our lives. We feel sad for all the other cancer patients like me that don’t either have God or the support that we do and we pray for them.

8. The kids are getting sick of everyone asking if they are o.k. They are, so please just be normal around them. We are still adjusting, but when people make a big deal out of things it all seems so much more depressing and overwhelming. So please act normal around the kids, and treat them like you always did before this diagnosis.

9. We have a Total Shield now. You can Google it to find out more, but basically my bedroom is totally unhealthy due to a power line behind our house, old double AC units outside the room and a very old TV that lets of lots of electromagnetic pollution on the other side. When measuring the kids rooms their levels were at 0’s and perfectly fine. Ours however had readings of up to 100!

10. We are hardly doing any schoolwork. Hannah’s CC tutor, actually wrote us a note saying how little school work Hannah completed and turned in last week. I have been so busy, Mark has been so busy, and well we are trying to figure out how to keep up with the busy life we had and manage both that life and this new one that constantly changes with cancer. It is truly crazy! Each day is different and brings new issues, problems and solutions and conversational topics. We will try to figure it all out but right now this is definitely an area that needs some help. I hardly ever get to read to the kids, go over schoolwork with the 4 eldest and we have dropped much of our curriculum. I know it will be o.k. they are smart kids and God is in control.

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