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I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Her2 positive breast cancer Dec. 27th, 2011. I had three large tumors in my left breast, I also had two positive lymph nodes and so with 5 positive biopsies I started my journey. In the beginning, it was a whirlwind and within a week, I was getting a port and preparing for chemo and the rush to save my life was on. Eight months later (August 20th) after stopping chemo (12 sessions) and not having surgery (a suggested double mastectomy) or radiation like my doctors wanted me to, I sat at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Illinois and heard the results of a mammogram, MRI, Pet Scan and blood tests were that they could find no cancer in my body. The nurses and doctors were baffled and no one could explain how I could have had this terrible cancer and it was now gone, except for me. I said the Lord healed me through prayers, education, diet and supplements. I started this blog when I was first diagnosed, it is not just about on cancer, but my life and day-to-day thoughts and activities. There are suggested websites, blogs, videos and more here that I believe can benefit those dealing with cancer and those who want to be preventative. My hope is that you and yours will learn, be encouraged and healed. My family prays every night for those with cancer and that you will be not only be healed but that you will live long and happy lives.
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I just Want to be a Sheep - May 16, 2010

I am going through my old e-mails looking for old documents for school curriculum and such and well I ran across this e-mail I sent to a few friends back on 3/21/2010. It was good to be reminded of this.

In dealing with a several trying issues/ circumstances lately I have found myself a bit agitated here and there.  I have been irritated, frustrated and inconvenienced so much lately and it has felt like almost too much to deal with at times. I have had the thought  “Calgon, take me away” more than a few times. Anyways I have recently been encouraged by a friend of mine that recently said something that was just so good I thought I should share it with you. God is amazing and complex and the Bible says so much, but it all goes back to one main theme. Our relationship with Him. The main point is listen to me, spend time with me, talk to me, acknowledge me,  I am here for you and with you, nothing gets to you that I don’t know about,  I love you and so on.  She said she feels like there’s this and that which she wants to teach and impart to her children, but instead of thinking about this training, this opportunity, this situation, etc.. she should listen to the voice of God and follow Him like the sheep do with their shepherd.
            Wow, just be quiet and still and listen to the voice of God! It sounds so easy! I got to thinking about it all. Sometimes life can be overwhelming and when it’s said and done the only real important thing is God himself and Jesus in our lives.  We ourselves, our children, our relatives, our friends, -  Do we all listen, obey, spend time with him and call upon him for help in the midst of our troubles? It’s all about going back to the basics and trying to keep it simple. Be Quiet – Listen and Obey – Period. 
            Today in Sunday school class they were talking about John 10 and this guy said in his travels he was in a foreign crowded market square and he saw a shepherd throw a rock to get the attention of his sheep and he called out for him.  The stupid sheep looked up, bleated and turned to follow the voice that he knew.  I thought it was funny; but I think God does the same with us in a sense as he is always trying to redirect our attention back to Himself. If we have accepted Christ and we are Christians we can hear his voice and we know it, just like the sheep know their shepherd’s voice; but we get so busy thinking we know so much and we run around trying to take care of this and that we can’t hear him in  the midst of it all. 
            I have been reminding myself since church of that cute kids song that says  “I just want to be a sheep – ba ba ba ba”.  I just wanted to remind you He’s there
and your just a stupid sheep – ha ha ha.

O.K. Gotta go now – sheep need to eat too.

Love Karri

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